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Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana | Raw Italian Classic Tuscan Pork Sausage | +/- 200g

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Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana: Italian Raw Pork Tuscan Sausage

Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana is a premium raw Italian pork sausage, embodying the rich culinary traditions of Tuscany. This sausage is crafted from high-quality pork and seasoned with a blend of local herbs and spices that highlight the natural flavours of the meat. Perfect for those who appreciate authentic Tuscan cuisine, this sausage is a versatile and essential ingredient in many Italian dishes.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Pork: Made from select cuts of pork, ensuring a tender and flavourful sausage.
  • Authentic Tuscan Seasoning: Infused with traditional Tuscan spices including garlic, pepper, and often fennel or rosemary, which provide a distinctive and aromatic flavour.
  • Raw and Versatile: Sold raw to maintain freshness and quality, allowing for optimal culinary flexibility and flavour development upon cooking.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Produced by Subissati, a brand renowned for its commitment to traditional Italian charcuterie methods and high standards.
  • Culinary Foundation: Ideal for enhancing pasta dishes, stews, and rustic soups, or grilled on its own for a flavourful main course.

Why Choose Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana? For lovers of genuine Italian flavours and traditional Tuscan cuisine, Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana offers an authentic taste experience. Its robust flavour profile and versatility make it a perfect choice for a variety of dishes, whether you're looking to recreate a classic recipe or innovate with new culinary ideas.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Grilled or Pan-Fried: Cook until golden and serve with a side of cannellini beans drizzled with olive oil, a Tuscan classic.
  • In Pasta Dishes: Crumble and sauté as part of a ragù for pasta, enriching the sauce with its deep, meaty flavours.
  • Stuffed Vegetables: Use the seasoned meat to stuff bell peppers or zucchini, then roast for a delicious meal.
  • Rustic Soups: Add diced sausage to lentil or minestrone soup for added flavour and heartiness.

Experience the Rich Flavors of Tuscany with Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana This Tuscan sausage is not just a food item; it’s a celebration of regional flavours and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Whether used in simple dishes or complex culinary creations, Subissati Salsiccia Cruda alla Toscana enhances any meal with a taste of the Italian countryside. Enjoy the authentic flavours of Tuscany and bring a touch of Italian tradition to your cooking.

Produced in Italy by Subissati Salumi, Roccastrada, Maremma, Tuscany

Artisan Product - 100% Italian Pork Meat

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