About us


www.deliciouslyfinefoods.com is a site operated by N&CO Store Ltd. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 10181730 and have our registered office at The Old Butchery, High Street, Twyford, Hampshire, SO21 1NH. Our main trading address is Arch 330 Blucher Road, London, SE50LH. We are a limited company.

About Deliciously Fine Foods

The Deliciously Fine Foods expert team along with its partners, has more than 15 years of experience of producing, selecting and supplying high quality foods to hotels, restaurants and catering establishments worldwide. With Delishously, our goal is to expand our network and supply restaurant quality foods directly to people’s homes. 

For many years, we have been reaching the high expectations of great chefs and exclusive hotels and we would like to offer and deliver restaurant-grade supplies directly to our final customers in the comfort of their homes.

We constantly strive to reach higher quality standards in order to guarantee a perfect balance between freshness and excellence of our produce.  In a world where mass farming and processed foods are common practise, we pride ourselves in working with traditional farmers which ensures our produce is natural and unprocessed.

Our supply partners are some of the best Italian artisan producers, authentic creators of high gastronomy masterpieces: with them we share a passion for quality and innovation.

We also offer products from other countries but only where we identify the same high-quality standards of production.

HQF have launched the first integrated food chain project aimed at helping producers with great artisanal beliefs to develop their work in an innovative way, whilst we then introduce such producers to a qualified market.

Quality first

The highest quality.  We offer our customers only 100% certified and traceable products.

The passion that we always put into our work leads us to guarantee products that respect the requirements of traceability of the supply chain, artisanal controlled craftsmanship, natural cultivation, consolidated tradition of the producer and quality certifications.

We also preserve every aspect of the products with the help of technology: 3,200 square meters (of which 2,200 at controlled temperature) of dedicated space for the correct management and conservation of our produce.

HQF also have 6 laboratories for the total customization of products. Our platform is licensed for any type of food processing on all categories of goods according to the EU Health Ministry Regulation.

How do we choose Delishously products?

We continuously work with our partners to select the producers of “artisan food gems” and then, together with great international chefs, we evaluate the quality of the products and calibrate the technical specifications of processing to obtain a product that meets the demand of our customers.

The HQF Headquarters is a research and experimentation centre where we interpret products and give life to tasty creations.

HQF has a professional kitchen as a laboratory for taste, smell and sight.

We are the e-commerce for Food Lovers

We consider the home pantry as a starred restaurant. We put artisan excellences in contact with the final consumer, waving any unnecessary costs with the privilege of a faster service.

Delishously.co.uk is the website dedicated to Home Delivery in the UK. All products offered in the online shop will be easily delivered to your doorstep. You only need to choose, and order top range tasty products and we will bring you restaurant-grade products for your special dinners or everyday cooking.

The quality and freshness of perishable food delivery is guaranteed using special isothermal containers and dry ice when required.


Our partner HQF disposes of all the prescribed information by general and sector regulations (refer to individual foods or their categories).

A unique code (EC Health Mark) has been assigned to HQF in order to export all products in the European Market. This health authorization allows the free circulation of food of animal origin (like meat, milk, fish, eggs honey and derived) between the European Union’s countries.

HQF is proud of this achievement as this recognition is assigned only to factories that are producing and consuming food of animal origin within European standard procedures.

In addition to the EC Health Mark, HQF has obtained the UK BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, this allows us to freely export to the United Kingdom.