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Subissati Salame al Vino Morellino di Scansano DOCG | Wine-infused Salami | Half +/- 200g

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Discover the exquisite blend of tradition and taste with our Salame al Vino Morellino di Scansano DOCG. Crafted in the heart of Tuscany, this unique salami marries the robust flavors of locally sourced, premium pork with the rich, complex notes of Morellino di Scansano DOCG wine, a renowned red wine that embodies the essence of the Tuscan terroir. Each slice offers a symphony of flavors, enhanced by a delicate aging process that ensures a soft, succulent texture and a bouquet of aromas that captivate the palate. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking an authentic Italian delicacy, our Salame al Vino Morellino di Scansano DOCG is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and the rich culinary heritage of Tuscany. Elevate your charcuterie boards, enhance your appetizers, or simply savor it on its own to experience a true taste of Italy. Indulge in the luxury of fine dining with every bite of this exquisite salami, a gourmet delight that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Produced in Italy by Subissati Salumi, Roccastrada, Maremma, Tuscany

Artisan Product - 100% Italian Pork Meat

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