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Paprikarami | Freshly-cured Chorizo Spiced Venison Drywors

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Pre-orders Info

This is an artisan product hand made and Dry-aged in small batches from selected parts of wild British venison meat. Hence is not always available at the time of order.
Pre-order now to receive the next available product.
Delivers generally within 10 days.

Ingredient & Allergens

Venison Meat, Spices, Salt.

For allergens see ingredients in CAPITAL LETTERS

Storage & Use

You will receive our Biltongs vacuum packed.
Keep refrigerated below 10° C
Open the pack 30 min before consuming leaving it at room temperature to release its full flavour.
Once opened keep regrigerated and consume within 1 week.

Chorizo Drywors - made from wild British venison

A favourite amongst foodies, this Chorizo Droewors has a BIG flavour. It is loaded with paprika and garlic, so you can use it as a cooking ingredient, as well as just eating it straight up. We love it sliced on a pizza, but it’s also great in a stew, where the rich flavours can spread. We add 20% venison fat to this recipe, as we think this gives just the right balance to the paprika spiciness.

All the Drywors from Forest Biltong is made from prime leg meat (you won’t catch us using cheap trim cuts for our sausage and any offcuts go to Bruin, our Labrador!)

Drywors is what we make with the pieces that aren’t long enough for a strip of biltong. We mince them and blend with just the right amount of venison fat. The mix is salted and spiced before filling into natural lamb casings, just like long chipolatas. A few days drying and it’s good to go!