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Fresh Honey Truffles | Mattirolomyces Terfezioides

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What is white truffle?

Wild white truffle (Tuber Magnatum) of the highest quality. Collected by our truffle growing partners, for more than two generations.

The Tuber Magnatum was first discovered in the Western Alps mountain ranges in the Piedmont region of Italy, one of the best areas for its growth. That is why you will sometimes hear it called by names such as tartufo biancoTruffa d'Alba , Italian truffle  or Piemonte truffle.

The wild white  truffle grows on tree roots, it is mysterious and no matter how many attempts have been made to cultivate it on farms, cultivation has never been possible. The truffle farmer has to walk for miles with his hunting dog through the forest, looking for its scent. Finding it and getting it out of the ground is a real discovery. It is scarcely harvested, making the Tuber Magnatum the most sought-after mushroom in haute cuisine.

Italy gives it its fame, and that is why some companies sell it under that origin, but in reality its origin is very far from this country. And although they are not all Italian, they are of good quality.

White Truffle availability and campaigns

  • White truffle has a powerful and pleasant aroma. At the beginning of September, it smells softer, but in the cold of winter, in and NovemberDecember it takes on an exceptional aroma. This is the season when we get the best white truffle  It can sometimes be found until the beginning of January.

White Truffle Quality and Servings

  • We selects first class truffles with irregular shape, good aroma and weighing more than 15 grams. Occasionally, extra category truffles with regular shape or split truffles are classified as pieces, larger than 20 grams. As for the small truffle, weighing more than 5 grams, it is unusual to find it for sale.

Origin of the White Truffle

  • Nowadays, the Tuber Magnatum is found in Italy, Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Turkey and other Eastern European countries. This truffle variant has never been cultivated, which gives it an extra exclusivity and mystery. All white truffles in the world are of wild origin.

White Truffle Price

  • The average price of the white truffle is between £2,250 and £6,000 per kilo. Its price is very volatile due to its scarcity and until it is harvested, it is unknown whether it will be abundant or not.

How to store White Truffle

  • Once harvested, it has a shelf life of 10 days. To preserve the white truffle, it is essential to store it in the refrigerator wrapped in kitchen paper in an airtight container. As always with fresh products, it is best to consume the white truffle fresh and the closer to its harvesting the better.

White truffle applications

  • Ready to laminate with the laminator. Cannot be cooked.
  • Tartufo bianco is a select product sold to Michelin-starred chefs around the world, who use it to present their autumn-winter tasting menus with seasonal produce in their restaurants. One example is Spain's most Michelin-starred chef Martín Berasategui:

White Truffle Recipes

At Laumont we have three suggestions for recipes with white truffle in case you feel like cooking with one of the most valued gastronomic products on the planet.

Product Information

 We guarantee quality, aroma and freshness.  We have been selecting and distributing fresh truffles of the highest quality to markets and restaurants for over 40 years.

The truffles are prepared, washed and brushed by hand, one by one in packaging that protects the cold chain during the shipping process.

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