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Freshly Sliced Subissati Capocollo Piccante | Chilli Pepper Dry-cured Pork Collar Joint | 100g

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Dive into the bold flavours of Capocollo Piccante, a spicy dry-cured pork collar joint. This Italian delicacy combines the traditional craftsmanship of capocollo with a fiery twist, offering a tantalising taste experience for those who love their meat with a bit of heat. Crafted from select cuts of pork, this capocollo is seasoned with a blend of spices and Italian chilli peppers, then slowly cured to perfection, resulting in a meat that is both tender and robust in flavour.

The Capocollo Piccante stands out for its distinctive spicy profile, balanced with the natural sweetness and richness of the pork. Its texture is ideally firm yet supple, making it perfect for slicing thinly and serving as part of an antipasto platter, in sandwiches, or as a flavourful addition to your favourite recipes.

This capocollo is generously sized, ideal for sharing with family and friends or for special occasions. It's a testament to the art of Italian charcuterie, showcasing the perfect marriage of heat, spice, and premium pork.

Embrace the heat with our Capocollo Piccante, a choice selection for enthusiasts of spicy meats. Whether you're looking to elevate your culinary creations or seeking an impressive centrepiece for your next charcuterie board, this spicy dry-cured pork collar joint promises to deliver both quality and flavour.

 Artisan Product by Subissati Salumi in Roccastrada, Maremma, Tuscany.

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