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Anchovies Fillets 120g | Olasagasti

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Tin of 120g
Ingredient & Allergens

Anchovies (FISH), Olive Oil, Salt.

For Allergens see ingredients in CAPITAL LETTERS


Typical value for 100 grams

Energy 906 kJ / 217 kcal
Fat 13g
-of which Saturates 1.8g
Carbohydrate 0g
-of which Sugars 0g
Protein 25g
Salt 16g

Storage & Use

Store in a cool place.

Once opened, keep refrigerated between 5° C and 10° C and consume within 7 days

A Taste of the Ocean's Bounty

Dive into the rich, savory flavors of the sea with Olasagasti Anchovy Fillets, meticulously packed in a convenient 120g tin to bring the essence of traditional Mediterranean cuisine right to your kitchen. These anchovy fillets are sourced from the pristine waters of the Cantabrian Sea, known for yielding the highest quality anchovies, celebrated for their firm texture and deep, umami-packed flavor.

Hand-selected with meticulous care, each fillet is preserved in fine olive oil, enhancing its delicate taste while ensuring it retains its nutritional integrity. Olasagasti, a name synonymous with excellence and tradition in seafood processing, guarantees a product that elevates any dish, be it a simple salad, a homemade pizza, or a classic Caesar dressing.

Key Highlights:

  • Premium quality Cantabrian anchovy fillets, renowned for their exceptional taste and texture.
  • Hand-selected and preserved in high-quality olive oil for enhanced flavor and freshness.
  • Ideal for adding depth and umami to a wide range of dishes.
  • Packaged in a convenient 120g tin, perfect for gourmet appetizers or enhancing everyday meals.
  • Proudly produced by Olasagasti, a trusted name in traditional Mediterranean seafood.

Experience the authentic taste of the Mediterranean with Olasagasti Anchovy Fillets. Whether used as a key ingredient or a sophisticated garnish, these anchovies promise to elevate your culinary creations, offering a taste of the ocean's bounty in every bite.

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