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Langoustines Whole 13/16 | 750g

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 Langoustines Whole 13/16

Whole Langoustines, size 13/16, are a premium seafood delicacy prized for their sweet, tender meat and elegant presentation. Sourced from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, these langoustines are meticulously selected for their size and quality, ensuring a luxurious dining experience. Perfect for a variety of gourmet dishes, whole langoustines add a touch of sophistication and exceptional flavour to your culinary creations.

Key Features:

  • Sweet, Tender Meat: Offers a delicate, sweet flavour and a tender texture that is highly sought after.
  • Premium Quality: Sourced from the North Atlantic, ensuring the freshest and highest quality langoustines.
  • Whole and Intact: Presented whole, allowing for a stunning presentation and versatile culinary use.
  • Size 13/16: Refers to the number of langoustines per kilogram, indicating a larger, more impressive size.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for grilling, roasting, steaming, or using in stews and seafood platters.

Why Choose Whole Langoustines 13/16? Whole Langoustines 13/16 are perfect for those who appreciate the finest seafood and wish to elevate their culinary creations. Their sweet, delicate flavour and impressive size make them a standout choice for special occasions and gourmet dishes.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Grilled Langoustines: Marinate in olive oil, garlic, and herbs, then grill for a smoky, charred flavour.
  • Roasted Langoustines: Roast with butter, lemon, and fresh herbs for a rich and aromatic dish.
  • Steamed Langoustines: Steam gently and serve with a garlic and herb butter for a simple yet elegant preparation.
  • Seafood Platters: Include as a centrepiece in luxurious seafood platters alongside oysters, prawns, and lobster.
  • Pasta Dishes: Add to pasta dishes with a light white wine sauce or a rich tomato base for an indulgent seafood pasta.

How to Prepare:

  1. Thawing: If frozen, thaw langoustines in the refrigerator overnight or under cold running water.
  2. Cleaning: Rinse thoroughly and, if desired, remove the head and shell, leaving the tail intact for a beautiful presentation.
  3. Cooking: Choose your preferred cooking method (grilling, roasting, steaming, etc.) and cook until the meat is opaque and tender.

Experience the Luxurious Taste of Whole Langoustines 13/16 Whole Langoustines 13/16 bring the exceptional flavour and elegance of premium seafood to your kitchen. Whether you're preparing a simple grilled langoustine or an elaborate seafood platter, these langoustines offer a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy the sweet, tender meat and versatile culinary uses of Whole Langoustines 13/16 in your gourmet dishes.

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