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About Subissati Salumi



All starts from our land


The Subissati cured meat factory, located in the hills of Roccastrada in the Grosseto area, its geographical location in the lower Tuscany, allows the processed products an extraordinary maturation, which in addition to modern machines is assisted by the good or "good" air, as they say by these parts, which has always been an ally for the preservation of food.

Hence the choice, despite the logistical difficulties, to remain in this land, faithful keeper of the secret of Subissati.



Tradition from father to son


The history of the Subissati cured meat factory began 55 years ago: it is the story of a company capable of remaining on foreign markets, the result of so much effort. Riccardo Subissati has been working in the company founded by his father Giancarlo in 1963 since he was 17.
The products are processed in the most faithful local tradition. The selected pigs were born, raised and slaughtered in Italy. In the plant the highly qualified staff processes the meat, ready to be transformed. A great help for aging comes from the favorable climate of this land.







Future challenges


Subissati today is a consolidated reality in the Maremma area, but more and more often transfers abroad have resulted in important and prestigious collaborations. However, the Subissati family is keen to maintain: the relationship with the customer and that is why, despite the numerous commitments, Riccardo the owner is busy during the week with the markets in various locations in Grosseto and Siena.

"We still want to be among the people, because it has been the source of our success, we want to maintain that" family "relationship that has always distinguished us, certain that this will help us to conquer new markets"

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