Iberico Pork Solomillo Tenderloin +/-450g


Now this is what a pork tenderloin should taste like! Delicately sweet in flavor, soft to the touch of the teeth, practically melting in the mouth. Solomillo Iberico comes from the famed 'Pata Negra' or black-footed Iberico pig, prized for its ability to store fat reserves that imbue the meat with extra juiciness, as well as its natural, acorn-rich diet yielding exquisite, sweet nutty notes. The tenderloin is less marbled than other Iberico cuts, but it makes up for it with its to-die-for tenderness. Sear or grill it no more than medium-rare to prevent it from drying out and slice it into medallions or steaks drizzled with a sweet fig sauce or cranberry-balsamic reduction.
For a correct defrost the product must be defrosted in refrigeration between 0ºC-4ºC from 24 to 48 hours. Once open the bag, it is
recommended to air for at least 2 hours in refrigeration before cooking it.
It is recommended to consume within the 8 following days to guarantee its organoleptic characteristics.