Organic Chianina T-Bone Beef Steak +/-800g


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Organic Chianina  T-Bone bred by our trusted supplier a few kilometers from our wareahouse 

Speaking of Chianina meat we are referring to an Italian bovine breed of ancient origins, known for more than 2000 years, considered a native breed of Central Italy (Tuscany and Umbria) which owes its name to the Val Di Chiana. Already mentioned by "Plinio il Vecchio" and other Latin authors, it was used as a working breed by Romans and Etruscans; moreover, for its white cloak, it was used in triumphal processions and sacrifices to the gods.
The most common breeding system in this area is the sedentary or tied type, that is with the animal tied to the manger or enclosed in a box with a few specimens: it is, however, an animal that breathes fresh and good air and is reared with the methods healthy and organic than once.

Taste : elegant and sophisticated
matured  at least 30 days in dry aged .
Available in 800 gm,