Ecover non-bio laundry powder (3kg)


Soft and gentle, nice and easy but still tough on stains , it's a brilliant all rounder just the way it should always be. Featuring active plant based ingredients, its super kind to the environment and gentle on your skin.

Always check your garment's washing instructions. Suitable for white and colourfst items. Sort out whites and colours and wash separately. Suitable for 30-60C. Flame-retardant finoshes: never soak or wash above 50C. 

Ingredients- Oxygen-based bleaching agent (15-30%), zeolite (5-15%), (<5%)Anionic surfacants, non-ionic surfacants, soap, perfume (contains limonene; maye produce an allergic reaction, linalool). 

Other: Sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, polypeptide, bleach activator, sodium citrate, sodium disilicate, water, sodium carboxmethyl starch, cellulose gum.