Deutz Champagne 2009 Brut Millésimé 750ml



The Brut Vintage perfectly embodies the direct and elegant style of the Deutz brotherhood. It offers a remarkably graceful effervescence and a bright, clear hue with straw yellow and bronze tints. This direct, pure and distinctive cuvée combines precision and complexity. The palate reveals an array of floral aromas, elegantly intertwined with succulent fruity notes, spice and mild tobacco. The ultimate promise of elegance and harmony.

(Also available in Demi-Sec)

"The entry to the palate is a moment of pure elegance […]. The dosage is expertly measured. This outstanding champagne makes the perfect partner for a variety of fine foods such as turbot in a white butter sauce, a fattened chicken with truffles or even a creamy veal blanquette."

Armin Diel, Journalist – Fine Magazine, Germany