Iberico Pork Costilla Ribs +/-1.5kg


Iberico Pork Spare Ribs could be the big talking point at your next game night feast or summer barbecue. Known as costillas in Spanish, these are spare ribs with a twist: the intensely juicy and succulent pork comes from the Iberico breed of pork, revered for its densely marbled meat and superior flavor, with some calling it "the Wagyu beef of pork." The pigs are raised in the verdant pastures of Spain and fed a natural diet, infusing the meat with nutty, juicy flavor. Best of all, these ribs have an excellent meat-to-bone ratio, making them immensely satisfying as well as exquisite. Add your choice of barbecue rub or marinade and grill to create a true meat lover's treat.

For a correct defrost the product must be defrosted in refrigeration between 0ºC-4ºC from 24 to 48 hours. Once open the bag, it is
recommended to air for at least 2 hours in refrigeration before cooking it.
It is recommended to consume within the 8 following days to guarantee its organoleptic characteristics.