Capocollo di Martina Franca, Slow Food Selection 150g (Sliced)


Puglia’s best cured meats have traditionally come from Martina Franca, and in the past, workers from around the town were always hired in the Taranto and Salento areas to help during the pig-butchering season. This town, in the Itria area, is home to some pork specialties still made using traditional techniques and, wherever possible, locally farmed ingredients. Among the most celebrated is capocollo or capicollo, the name used in southern Italy for cured pork neck.

The Presidium was established to protect the small-scale butchers around Taranto, who risk being ousted by the big industrial factories that keep springing up in the area. Traditional Martina Franca capocollo was developed to withstand the local climate, theoretically unsuitable for making cured meats. This is why the production technique includes a light smoking, a long marinade in brine and curing with vino cotto, cooked grape must.

Production area
Martina Franca Municipality, Taranto Province; Cisternino Municipality, Brindisi Province; Locorotondo Municipality, Bari Province

Presidium supported by
Martina Franca Municipality, Terrae Maris Tourism, Food and Wine Operators Consortium