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Mancini Ancient Grains Sedani Artisanal Pasta 500g

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Turanicum Wheat Sedani 20 Righe by Mancini 500g: A Revival of Ancient Culinary Craftsmanship

Mancini brings to your table the Turanicum Wheat Sedani 20 Righe, a 500g embodiment of pasta perfection, crafted from the ancient and noble Turanicum wheat (Triticum Turgidum subspecie turanicum). Originating from the Khorasan region of Iran and thriving across the Mediterranean basin, this wheat variety has been resurrected from obscurity by Mancini, in collaboration with Prometeo and cereal agronomist Oriana Porfiri, to deliver a pasta experience unlike any other.

The Turanicum Wheat Sedani undergoes a traditional artisanal process, shaped with circular bronze die plates and slow-dried at controlled temperatures between 36°C and 55°C over 22 hours. This meticulous method preserves the earth-colored pasta's natural wheat scent and enhances its unique, soft gluten structure, making it not only a delight to taste but also easily digestible.

Key Highlights:
  • - Made from Turanicum wheat, known for its rich history and nutritional benefits.
  • - Artisanal crafting with bronze dies and slow-drying process for exceptional texture and flavor.
  • - Each 500g pack offers a journey back in time to the roots of Italian pasta making.
  • - Mancini’s commitment to reviving ancient grains contributes to sustainable and health-conscious dining.

With its distinct earthy color, marked scent of wheat, and the intriguing story of its origin, the Turanicum Wheat Sedani 20 Righe invites you to explore the depths of Italian culinary heritage. Perfect for those who cherish the history behind their food and seek a pasta that combines traditional craftsmanship with nutritional value. Elevate your culinary creations with the rich, nuanced flavors of Mancini's ancient grains pasta, a testament to the art of pasta making and the timeless appeal of embracing forgotten treasures.


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